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Heidi Rauhut (En)

Heidi Rauhut, born in Bavaria, West Germany, 1950, was fascinated by Indian philosophy, culture, yoga, and religion since childhood. She practiced classical South Indian dance with Padmini Chari and worked as an editor for two children magazines when she met Harish Johari in 1976 in Munich. Under his extra-ordinary tutelage she began to paint traditional images of Hindu dieties, and to dive deep into the magic realm of sacred Indian art, philosophy and healing.

Five out of nine books by Harish Johari published in the German language were translated by Heidi, amongst them the famous “Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine”, which was first printed in the German language in the year 1988 at a time when “Ayurveda” was not yet very popular in Europe. Heidi taught Harish’s “Art of vegetarian cooking – based on principles of Ayurveda” to Yoga teachers and friends in Munich, Holland, Belgium and America. She also conducted vegetarian cooking classes for pregnant ladies and introduced them to massage for the time during pregnancy and after delivery as well as to the Indian baby massage.

Since 1979 Heidi spent her holidays regularly every year with Harish’s family in Bareilly, North India, where she learned from Harish Johari’s mother, late Tara Devi, and his wife, Pratibha, more about the traditional Indian kitchen secrets, the festivals of India in connection with the householder’s social and spiritual life, the Indian way of childcare and baby massage, and traditional vegetarian preparations to be taken by women after delivering a child and during the time of breastfeeding the baby. Fate gave her the opportunity to put her “Indian experience” into practice when she assisted her pregnant friends and fellow students in Holland during and after the home deliveries of their babies.

Since January 1999 Heidi lives in Haridwar, North-India, being an integral member of the Johari family house. Grown into a senior citizen she is aiming now to devote more time to spiritual studies and practices, as well as to the transcription of numerous recorded lectures of late Shree Harish Johari. Since 2008 Heidi authors the annual lunar Swara Yoga Calendar which is published on demand in German language. The Swara Yoga Calendar – based on the Indian Panchang (lunar calendar) – provides information on the relationship of our breath with the planets and the phases of the Moon, the activities of the twin hemispheres of our brain, and the spiritual festivals of India.